Mexican ★ Vegetarian, gluten free, vegan

Favorites for our non-vegetarian visitors, flavorful, satisfying, made from scratch. 


Tostada $13.00

Sprouted corn tortilla topped with black beans, nut “meat” (walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds), dairy or Daiya cheese, avocado sauce and chipotle aioli.  Served with romaine, diced red onion and corn salsa.

Quesadilla $14.00

Choice of lavash filled with black beans, sweet bell peppers, dairy or Daiya cheese and red onion.  Served with corn salsa, lettuce, avocado sauce and corn chips.

Black Bean Burrito $14.00 

Choice of lavash filled with tempeh^, tofu^ or nut “meat” with black beans, avocado and sautéed sweet bell peppers and red onion with dairy or Daiya cheese.  Served with organic corn chips, corn salsa, and lettuce.